retractable blinds in bedroom

A good set of window blinds can be hard to come by. You can search for what seems like forever, and when you eventually do find some they might not be anywhere near as effective as you first thought.

Regular curtains and blinds often include noticeable gaps, meaning they don’t effectively do the job you actually bought them to do.

ScreenAway’s custom window blinds feature a number of benefits that you don’t get with regular window coverings.

Benefits of Screenaway Blackout Window Blinds

No more gaps – Our blackout blinds deliver complete room darkening

Here at ScreenAway, we’ve reinvented the humble household blind and given you the ability to control the amount of light coming into your home.
With our unique and practical range of window blinds, you’ll be able to choose when and where the sun enters your home.

Our unique system fits into the reveal of your window, ensuring absolutely zero gaps.

This means you can completely darken your room, allowing for impromptu movie nights, sleep-ins, early nights and afternoon naps!

Window blinds that are neat, tidy and safe – No cords or unsightly chains

Thanks to our patented and unique pulley system, our retractable blinds are completely free of exterior cords, pulleys, cables and chains.

This makes them neater and tidier than regular blinds and curtains, reducing clutter and giving your home a more pleasing aesthetic.

It also makes our blinds safer for both children and pets, since it makes it impossible for them to tangle themselves up when they run past!

Easy to use and convenient 

Our window blinds aren’t just neat, tidy and safe they’re easy to use as well.

We fit them either neatly into the reveal of your window or we can also face fit them depending on your window, allowing you to slide them open and closed with ease.

This practical design is also easy to clean. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth will do the trick, so you’ll never have to go to the trouble of washing your curtains again!

We also offer a pull-stick if you plan on installing your blinds in places that are just out of reach.

Of course, if you do plan on installing your blinds in a hard-to-reach spot.

Automatic window blinds technology

We also offer automatic blinds! Our automatic roller window blinds give you complete control, and they’re perfect for those hard-to-reach areas.

You can control every blind in your home with a remote control, making them the perfect modern solution for your property.

Best of all, these blinds are battery powered and will last approximately six months before you need to recharge them.

This will reduce the maintenance requirements and allow you to operate your blinds year-round without worrying about the battery going flat.

Contact us today for custom window blinds!

Waking up on the weekend to the sun streaming in through your windows might be some people’s idea of a good time. But it’s definitely not ours. If you’re interested in retractable window blinds for your home, give us a call on 1800 738 722 to request a free measure and quote today.

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