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Elevate Your Space with Effortless Elegance from ScreenAway

Traditional blinds often come with a weighty burden, requiring significant effort to raise or lower. This daily struggle not only adds frustration but can also lead to wear and tear on the blinds and the mechanisms supporting them.

With Indiana Blinds, experience a revolutionary solution, a perfectly balanced design that eliminates the challenge of heavy window treatments. The ZeroGravity spring ensures a seamless, weightless operation, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your blinds with a gentle touch, providing both convenience and longevity.

Safety is a paramount concern in any household, especially with the presence of children and pets. Blinds with chains can pose serious risks, creating potential hazards for little ones and furry friends.

Indiana chainless roller blinds provide an innovation option for your home.

Thanks to the chain free operation, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your blinds are child and pet safe, making them perfect for every home.

Ensuring the utmost safety for your household, our products are in compliance with ACCC safety standards, establishing them as among the safest blinds on the market. The absence of exposed cords or accessories not only adds to their safety credentials but also contributes to an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Outdated blinds can adversely impact the overall aesthetic of your home, creating a visual discord in an otherwise carefully curated space. Indiana Blinds not only prioritise functionality but also introduce a touch of modern style. Elevate the aesthetic of your living space with blinds that seamlessly blend into your interior design


  • The ZeroGravity spring technology perfectly offsets the weight of the blind, providing a smooth and balanced operation
  • Modern and fresh approach, delivering versatile and beautiful solutions for your shading needs
  • Experience friendly service and expert advice from our team
beautiful bright interior with a flower pot, white sofa and white roller blinds
  • Blinds that offer modern style and functional solutions for every room in your home
  • Indiana Blinds offer a wide range of versatile and beautiful solutions to meet your shading needs
  • Chain-free operation that makes our blinds safer for children and pets in your home
beautiful bright interior with a flower pot, white sofa and white roller blinds

Get a free measure & quote in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth.

Colour Options

Experience innovation and style with fittings that blend seamlessly into your existing decor. Avoid the traditional bulky curtains that add clutter to your space, and embrace a sleek design with a wide range of colours to choose from.

Perfectly balanced by design and with a weightless operation that adds elegance to your home, Indiana Blinds are the perfect option. Consult with our friendly team to bring your vision to life and have your new Indiana Blinds easily installed, transforming your home with a touch of contemporary elegance.

Fabric Colour Options


Salt n Pepper

Indi Grey


Pearl White

Frame Colour Options

Birch Gloss

Satin Black

White Gloss

Silver Grey


  • Customised Fit for Every Window

Whether your home is a new construction or has stood the test of time, Indiana Blinds can be seamlessly custom-fitted to virtually any window type. Choose from a variety of frame colours to ensure a cohesive integration with your home’s aesthetic, avoiding any disruption to the overall design.

  • Lightweight Without Compromising Privacy

Bid farewell to the days of compromising your indoor privacy with visible blinds. Our blinds are designed to be discreet when not in use, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your space.

  • Blends seamlessly into every home

Whether your home is a modern construction or boasts a timeless design, Indiana Blinds can be precisely tailored to fit any window type. Select from a range of frame colours to seamlessly integrate with your home’s aesthetic.

  • Dynamic Lighting Control

Achieve the perfect balance of natural light and privacy with Indiana Blinds. Their innovative design allows you to control the amount of light streaming into your space, creating a harmonious atmosphere that adapts to your needs throughout the day.