The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser that the Window Fashions Products set out below will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 years for Mechanisms and Fabrics from the date of installation, provided that

  • such Products were purchased new on or after 01 September 2018;
  • such Products were installed in Australia by an authorised licensee or an authorised agent of such a licensee
  • such Products were made or assembled exclusively from the Manufacturer’s materials and components and in accordance with its specification and
  • the Products were maintained in accordance with the attached

Care Instructions. Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of payment of the full original purchase price. The obligation of the Manufacturer and its licensees, distributors and retailers is limited to repair or replacement of the Products or components found to be defective and includes shipping charges
and costs for removing, disassembling, reassembling and re-installing the Products. The Manufacturer reserves the right to discharge its obligations under this warranty by refunding the original purchase price of the Products. Any repairs will be made with like or similar parts.

This warranty does not:

  • cover conditions or damage caused by storm, tempest, earthquake, lightning, fire, explosion, implosion, failure or movement of supporting structures, falling objects or other mechanical impact of other outside causes;
  • cover installations subject to salt spray or marine influences, severe industrial or corrosive environments or internal situations subject to moisture-laden air;
  • cover conditions which are partly or entirely attributable to chemical agents, fumes, liquids or solids reacting with or falling onto the Products, moistureretaining matter covering the Products or metallic contact with lead or copper or water run-off from copper flashing and pipes;
  • apply to conditions caused by normal wear and tear, nor to changes in the Products which occur normally with the passage of time, for instance:
    • coated metal Products Blinds; the natural fading or reduction in the gloss and the natural chalking of the finish.
    • textile awning Products: the fading of colours over time, normal shrinkage, fungal or algal growth due to the build-up of surface dirt, grime, leaves or bird matter, damage to the surface of the fabric due to scrubbing or the use of soap powder or detergents, accumulations of water lying on the fabric.
  • include any conditions or damages resulting from accidents, alteration, misuse, abuse, intervention of motorised devices, or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions with respect to measurement, installation, cleaning or maintenance;
  • apply if the Product is removed and reinstalled in same location or different location.
  • include responsibility for incidental or consequential damages of for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost expense or fee.

This warranty shall be interpreted and applied subject to the operation of any applicable statue (the provisions of which cannot be excluded by the parties), including, if applicable, the Trade Practices Act 1974 and similar State legislation. With the exception of the matters outlined in this document, all other implied terms, warranties and conditions are hereby excluded.