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Blockout blinds from ScreenAway works great to darken any room.

Trying to find the right blinds or curtains for your bedroom can be a nightmare.

You’ve probably got a colour scheme to stick to, but it’s also likely you want something that will properly darken the room.

Most regular blinds and curtains dim the room, but inevitably provide gaps for the light to poke through.

These gaps mostly occur at the sides of the blinds, but can feature prominently at the top and bottom as well.

Luckily, ScreenAway offers a practical solution that will not just darken your room, but will look great in your home as well!

How do blockout or blackout blinds work?

ScreenAway’s patented blockout blinds system works by eliminating all gaps in the window covering.

Regular curtains and blinds aren’t capable of this because they aren’t installed within the reveal of the window.

Most custom curtains and blinds are installed above the window frame, resulting in a window covering that hangs and sits just off the pane.

This results in numerous gaps where light can enter your home.

ScreenAway install their blinds within the window frame, meaning there are absolutely zero gaps. This allows the blind to completely darken the room.

Choose your level of darkness

Retractable window blinds from ScreenAway will completely darken your room, but what happens when you’d prefer to simply dim the light?

The retractable nature of blockout blinds means you can actually choose how much light you want to allow in the room.

Like any other window shade, simply slide your blinds back until the room reaches your preferred brightness.

Thanks to ScreenAway’s easy-to-use mechanism, you’ll be in complete control of the brightness of your home.

Best of all, there aren’t any ropes, cords, pulleys or chains, making blockout blinds from ScreenAway some of the safest on the market.

How do I operate my blockout blinds?

ScreenAway offers you a choice when it comes to using your blinds.

You can opt for manual operation, where you slide the blinds open and closed yourself; or you can choose the automatic option.

The automatic option allows you to operate your blinds with a remote control, meaning you can dim the room at the push of a button.

These automatic blinds are battery-powered, and will last about six months before they require a recharge.

If this sounds like too much effort, you can also connect them to a solar panel charger that will provide them with a continuous charge while absorbing sunlight.

This option will mean less maintenance, and will allow you operate your blinds all year round without them breaking down.

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