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Window blinds from ScreenAway are an innovative and stylish block out system that can transform the inside of your home in a matter of seconds.

Do you have a young family with small kids? Are you a shift worker? Do you simply just enjoy the pleasures of a sleep-in? If yes, our retractable window blinds are suitable for your home!

Control the ambience in your room with ScreenAway window blinds

Our retractable block out blinds are a great way of controlling the amount of light that enters your home even to the point of completely blacking out a room.

As a result, these blinds also give you control over the ambient temperature inside your home, keeping in the heat or keeping the inside of your home cooler.

If it’s privacy you’re worried about, our blinds also completely block out the view inside your home. 

Besides their practical benefits, ScreenAway’s window blinds can be suitable for any home. In this post we take you through our retractable window blinds and why we think our blinds are a great for you.

Window blinds that can be fitted to any window

Our retractable window blinds can be retrofitted to any new and existing windows on either residential or commercial properties. Got an older home? That’s not a problem, our blinds are suitable for newer and older homes.

Our blinds, with their excellent adaptability, can be fitted to most windows and skylights. We can fit our blinds to your home vertically, horizontally or even upside down.

Got a window in a hard-to-reach space? Not a problem, we also offer a pull-stick for your convenience.

Or better yet, our roller blinds can be automatic. You can control every blind in your home with a remote control making ScreenAway’s products a fantastic modern solution for most homes and properties.

Unlike regular blinds, the edges of our retractable blinds are completely covered by the framework. This ensures no light can enter your house great if you’re looking to completely blackout a room.

Our blinds feature an operating system that is contained inside its own colour-matched frame which sits neatly inside the existing framework of your window.

Thanks to our unique operating system there are no exposed cords, external pulleys or cables and chains that can become a safety risk.

The best part is your blind safely tucks away inside its cartridge. This means that when your blind is not being used, it’s out of site and out of mind.

Retractable window blinds that will suit your home

ScreenAway’s retractable block out blinds can be designed and made to be suitable for your home and its look.  We offer a wide variety of colours to make it easier to find a blind that will not look out of place with the features of your home.

Our blinds come in five colour options for the fabric and five different colour options for the frame.

All ScreenAway products are designed to fit within the reveal or on the face of your window.

This means that once your new blinds have been installed, they’ll look like they came with the house when it first was built.

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