Room Darkening Blinds Window Blinds | Blockout or Blackout

Window Blinds Features - Automatic, Room Darkening or Blockout.

ScreenAway retractable blinds offer a unique solution to anyone looking for a practical, stylish window shade.

Our blinds aren't just innovative and retractable they're also manufactured right here in Australia! This makes them perfect for Australian conditions.

They're easy to maintain and user-friendly, and they can be retrofitted to both new and old window frames.

This means you don't have to have a new home to enjoy a set of blinds from ScreenAway!

Best of all, you have the option to add automation to your blinds! We offer remote-controlled retractable blinds that can be operated from the comfort of your chair.

All it takes is the push of a button and you can control the lighting in your home.


Blackout or Blockout Blinds That Completely Darkens Your Room

ScreenAway blockout blinds ensure maximum light elimination, meaning you have total control over how much light you allow in your home.

Our blockout blinds are perfect for shift workers, families with young children, or those of you who just like to sleep in.

ScreenAway Blinds - Product Features

  • Uniquely designed and engineered all in one block out blinds solution.
  • Great for windows, sky lights and side lights.
  • Retrofit old and new.
  • Custom made to suit your home.
  • Easily maintained. Clean windows with ease.
  • Attractive, neat and tidy with no bulky components. 
  • Can be fitted within window reveal or face mounted. 
  • Enjoy beautiful, unobstructed views when opened. 
  • User friendly, safe , with no hanging cords or cables.
  • Automated option available. 
  • Can be operated with the pelmet vertical, horizontal or upside down.


These are just some of the unque features of ScreenAway window blinds.

Speak to our sales consultants today to get a recommended solution that is perfect for your home. 

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