Blackout Blinds and Retracable Flyscreen Operation Options

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Flexible Operation Options For Your Home

Every home is unique and this should be taken into account when considering blackout blinds or retractable flyscreens. To cater for most window sizes and heights choose from the following operation options, Manual, Remote and Smart.

Which Operation is right for you?

Operation OptionsManualMotorisedSmart
Manual OperationYesNoNo
Remote OperationNoYesYes
Smart Home ReadyNoNoYes

Operation Options


Our Manual range is a simple, easy-to-use system. Simply push your blind to the desired location and enjoy.

Available on Blockout Blinds and Retractable Flyscreens.


The Motorised range offers a convenient remote-control operation. Control the light in your home by adjusting your blinds from the comfort of your couch. Our Motorised range is perfect if you want complete control with the touch of a button.

Available on Blockout Blinds and Retractable Flyscreens.


Featuring a WiFi bridge, smartphone integration and voice control, our new Smart range is a fully automated system. The WiFi bridge seamlessly connects your blinds to your phone and home automation system giving you even more control from anywhere with access to the internet.

Available on Blockout Blinds and Retractable Flyscreens.

Discover the benefits of Motorised and Smart Operations


ScreenAway’s unique remote control allows you to program up to 15 separate blinds in one remote, giving you the convenient ability to control the light in your home from the comfort of your chair.

Connector App Connectivity

Connector App Connectivity
Download the Connector application, and operate your blind/screen from anywhere with a WiFi connection. This gives you the ability to raise and lower your blind/screen, wherever you may be.

Home Automation Connectivity

Our Smart range allows you to control your blinds through voice with Smart Home Systems such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Set your preferred ‘scene’ and sit back and relax as your blind/screen do the rest.

Bidirectional Communication

The Bidirectional Communication allows you to see the exact height of your blind/screen in real time, via the app. You can remotely adjust the blind/screen to your desired level, say for an unexpected afternoon rain storm.

Automatically Adjust With Scenes

The Connector app also gives you the ability to program your favourite settings into your blinds. This allows you to set your blinds to adjust themselves automatically according to the time of day. Program them to raise themselves in the morning to let the light in and automatically lower in the afternoon to combat that blinding glare.

Sunrise Setting | 7am

Set your blind/screen to open and let in natural morning light.

Afternoon Setting | 3pm

Lower blind/screen to half way and block out the blinding glare.

Nighttime Setting | 7pm

Lower blinds to create privacy and settle in for the night.