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Why Choose ScreenAway For Custom Window Blinds & Flyscreens

All ScreenAway products are designed to fit within the reveal or on the face of your window. This means that once we’ve fitted them to your home, they’ll look as if they came with the house. On top of this they’re also retractable this makes it much easier to clean the windows underneath the screens.

Our retractable flyscreens and window blinds can both easily be retrofitted to new and existing windows on residential and commercial properties. This outstanding adaptability extends to most windows, skylights, and even caravans and boats. We can fit our products, vertically, horizontally, or upside-down. We also offer a pull-stick if you plan on installing your blinds in those hard-to-reach places!

All of our products meet ACCC safety standards, making them some of the safest blinds and flyscreen options on the market. There aren’t any exposed cords, external pulleys or rollers that might present a tripping or choking hazard. The lack of unsightly operational mechanism also makes our products aesthetically pleasing.

Best of all, our roller blinds and flyscreens can be automated, giving you total control over your home! Our automated blinds and flyscreens are a great option for those hard to reach areas.

You can control every blind and screen in your home with a remote control, making them a great modern solution for most homes and properties.

Our automated blinds and flyscreens are battery-powered, and will last approximately six months before needing to be recharged.

This reduces maintenance requirements and allows you to operate your ScreenAway products year-round without worrying about them breaking down.